Monday 11 November 2013

NaBloPoMo 11 Do you feel you get enough of what you need to keep your heart/soul happy?

The answer is easy, no! To justify my answer is harder. I'm not sure what it is I would need to make my heart/soul completely happy. I am lucky to have lots of positives in my life...

  1. A beautiful baby boy.
  2. A loving fiancé.
  3. Lovely family and friends.
  4. A cosy home.
  5. A rewarding job

I suppose I'm not entirely happy with number three. Now we have a son I am eager to move in to a larger property with a garden. I am also keen to move out of London.

I guess number five bothers me too. I love teaching, it is immensely rewarding but I dislike the 'after' part when the kids have gone home. All the additional expectations and pressures really spoil being a teacher for me and others I know.

So maybe those two things are what make me feel my heart/soul is not completely happy. Neither are easily fixed. Moving home costs a fortune. Changing career is something I've considered but I feel like I'll regret leaving teaching if I do.

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