Saturday 23 November 2013

NaBloPoMo 23 Are you spiritual or religious?

No I am not spiritual or religious. I believe religion causes too many problems. Of course the majority of people follow their faith peacefully but it has been the route cause of many problems going back centuries.
I do think it's a help for some, having a faith to turn to. But it's just not for me.
I totally respect other peoples religious beliefs, I just don't want them to try and push their views on me. This has happened on various occasions and I think it's completely wrong!
My other half has beliefs, I respect them, he doesn't push them upon me.
The truth is no one knows what happens after death, there could be something, there could be nothing! I would like to believe that we will eventually be reunited with the loved ones we've lost throughout the years but nobody can answer that.

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